Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Healthy Inspirations

In amongst all the craziness of the last few days, I received a call - 
"Can you please fit us in this week?" 
"Absolutely" I said "Can you come Wednesday?" 

So this afternoon, I caught up with the team from Healthy Inspirations to take some photographs for brochures and head shots. It was fantastic to work with a team of people that knew what they were after! And it was even better to see you again after probably nearly two years Jamie! 

Great photographic shoot. Great to work with the graphic designer that creates their material! 

I am one very happy little chickadee :)



Sam and Chris' journey!

**happy dance**
I first met Sam at her brother's wedding 2 years ago. So it was such a privilege to be able to photograph her wedding to Chris on Saturday. 

The picturesque wedding took place at the Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast. 
Sam and the girls had all their details out waiting for me when we arrived 
(we were so early - no traffic!!)

Doesn't she look beautiful! 

 The chapel at the resort is simply Devine. I can't think of a better word.  Stunning. 

Our team of two photographers captured the happy day. 

It was brilliant that Sam's parents created this LOVE sign. Haha awesome! 

So much love and laughter as you start your married life together. 
Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day. 

Courtney and Matt's new adventure

The wedding between Courtney and Matt was such a fantastic day at Mick Schamburg Park. We had amazing weather for an outside wedding! 
The decorations were put together by Ocean Beach Weddings. Wow! 

Photographing all the little details are so important. Your wedding day goes so fast, it is hard to take everything in (that's why we are here)!

Our team of two photographers photographed all the events of their union.

From the very special bond between mother and daughter...

to the groom getting scrubbed up !

The photos show the joy of Courtney, Matt and their family and friends. Lots of laughter! 

And taking a few minutes to themselves to take a breath. It all makes such a special day. 

Thank you for the honour of being witness to your union. 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Lots of cake smash goodness !

Look who has come to play with me yesterday!
I simply love taking photos of this young family (We must be still young Kurt - I'm sure of it!)

Dan and Coop ("the boys") simply HAD to have a photo together! Lol. They are so cute!

Coop and Jack had a fantastic time being firemen! This is Jack's new firetruck! How awesome is it?!

Next..... the cake... 

Jack couldn't wait to get his hands on the sweet sticky goodness!

If ever you are going to get a "Cake Smash" photoshoot, I can highly recommend a woolies pavalova! OH MY WORD ! 
Hahaha it definitely smashed. We had cake flying everywhere. So funny! 


Master Jack was so proud of the mess he had created. I even had to wipe the walls! 
Good cake smash buddy! 

Time to calm down after all this excitement. 
What better way to do that than to have a relaxing bubble bath....
Ahh bliss :)

Thank you so much for coming to play yesterday guys! I love spending time with you all (And Dan can't wait to play with Cooper again)!


Thursday, 10 April 2014

Mothers Day with Kate Green Photography

Can you believe how fast Mother's day is coming!?! 

I sure can't! 

Kate Green Photography has some beautiful savings for you this mothers day. :) 

Let us create some lovely memories together for you to share. 

Package One: $500 
20x30" Custom Canvas Print
2 8x12" Gift Prints
4 5x7" Gift Prints 
($710 value!)

Package Two  $380
16x16" Custom Canvas Print
4 8x10" Gift Prints
2 5x7" Gift Prints 
($590 value!)

Package Three
8x12" Matted Print
2 8x10" Gift Prints
4 5x7" Gift Prints
($455 value!)

Fun with family

I love taking photos of families. I love being able to catch them as they are growing. Stopping time in its tracks. Our kids grow so fast. Crazy fast if you know what I mean! LOL! 

I can't believe this little family is growing so big! 

School holidays are a great time to catch some memories. We can photograph the kiddies in the morning before they get a little nuts (Haha I know my kids are way more sociable in the mornings)!