Sunday, 30 November 2014

4KQ Calendar Shenanigans

Waking up early and heading to Brisbane with my car full of gear I was so very excited and honoured to be asked to photograph the 4KQ Calendar for 2015!

We got to the studio, and set up the green screen and lights ready for the team from 4KQ to arrive. Oh my goodness I was so nervous! These guy are the big league. Laurel, Mark and Gary, Shaun and the team are a great company to work with.

As we had already written a start board and a plan of attack for the day, the whole session ran smoothly with a lot of laughs and lollies ;)

We photographed some (very) yummy strawberry ice-cream from the ekka. wow. yummo - we may ave just had to eat some to check it was ok.

Have a look and see if you can see the characters we photographed (and I even managed to be in the clip :) !)

I am really happy that I am now able to show you some of the behind the scenes craziness that has been going on here.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

you must have a really good power switch!

You know what, I'm not up for all the drama and bitchiness that this industry can harbor, Why is it that as soon as money and egos are involved, people turn nuts?  I do however need to run a business. It's not all flowers and rainbows. LOL we can't eat love. When you are paying for your product, you are not just paying for a piece of paper or usb stick,

You are paying for the countless hours of seminars we need to attend to keep out skills razor sharp, you are paying for the crazy insurance fees, upkeep of really expensive gear. Whilst I love helping friends out, I love doing a lot of volunteer work,  love doesn't pay the bills. I can't say to my electricity company - "I'm not going to pay you this month - but I really really love your electricity. I love how it turns my lights on - you must have a really good power switch what brand is it?" Um... just no.

We all have passions in life, and I am one of the lucky few that are privileged to be able to turn that passion into a business.

I look at my peers get so wound up at the thought of someone charging this for that, and think 'omg are you seriously so scared and insecure about your face value that  you are wanting to drag everyone down with you!?"  Sigh. for heavens sake, buck up. Look after your clients. Build your relationships.

Why should a client choose me? Well, I am me. It's as simple as that really. We are all individuals, and therefore no-one will have the same 'style' or business as me. I am relaxed, I love clean cut photos, I love connections between people. I love light. I love sharing.

Everyone is different, and that's ok. :) Its time to focus. 

Where would one look to find something?

Where would one look to find something?

Under the bed!
In the freezer (haha don't laugh, I 'found' many things there when I was pregnant)!

Nope it's not there this time - d'oh.


Like many of you, I am looking for my place in the world.

I love taking photographs! I love meeting with people! I love meeting with you, having a laugh and freezing time for you and your family.

Its the connections, the relationships between people that are so important.

I think that this is where I come in.

 So many businesses are just that., businesses. Photography should be more. They can take an okay photo, but there is no connection. More than 'how much do you charge' more than numbers 'oh, i totally booked 6 clients this week' ' i shoot over 50 weddings a year'. It's not about big noting yourself and being all pompous.  It's not about the gear - lets face it 'everyone' has a camera these days.

You know what? I'm calling baloney.

Let's bring this industry back to the people. Let's make it real again. Let's band together and bring relationships back.

I want to showcase your family memories, the bond that sisters (when-they're-not-killing-each-other) have. The unique connection that mum's and son's have. The way a daughter can look into her daddy's eyes, and make his heart melt. The stillness in the chaos of family life between a husband and wife - knowing that they have each other's backs.

Through Desire Images (  I yearn to allow women to blossom in front of the camera, I desire to give them even a glimpse of how beautiful they are - just as they are.

This is where I want to be in the world. This is my place.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Fathers day

Hey everyone!

Can you believe we're about to hit September?!?

For the month of September, let's celebrate our Dads. 

Let's capture some memories together.
Do it for you. Do it for your kids.

Monday, 5 May 2014

But Why?

Haha don't we get asked this question ALL the time?!

 I know I do! I was asked why would I give my services away. Why would I give you a photoshoot?  Well, a couple of reasons I guess...

1. First and foremost - because I can. LOL, now that just sounds downright crazy!!
2. I want all families to be able to have lasting memories. I want you to be able to look back in a couple of years and remember this time in your lives. I want you to cherish the time with your family. We never know what is around the corner. I want you to have printed memories.

How often do you actually print the photos you take on your phone? How often do you print the photos from the USB's/ CD's in your draw?

Print your memories.

Freeze time.


Sunday, 4 May 2014


Haha Bet that got your attention!
I was talking to some people the other day, and I am listening to what you say.

Kate Green Photography is going to give you your photo shoot for free. Yes peeps, you heard me. I want you to have your family memories documented. I want you to be able to look back and see yourselves, your partner, your kiddies, and see how much everyone has changed.

You may feel that the timing is not perfect, you may feel you need to "loose that next 5kgs" but, well, what if that time never comes. What if you never get around to it? How important is it for our kids to see us as we are - in print? Lets freeze time guys, Just the way you are. right now.

Let me drop one barrier for you. Let me give you a photoshoot.

I know you will love having a photo all together.

You may sigh at yourself all you want, but seriously honey, this is important. This is a part of being yourself. I know I am learning not to be so critical of myself (in all honesty we all do it), but I don't want my kids to have the same self-image issues that I do. It is a fight with myself in the mirror - particularly when they are there with me. They need to see the good in themselves. We need to see it in us...

I can't change the way in which you see yourself -(although I would like to give you a glimpse of how we see and love you), but I can take one small financial barrier down.

Call or message me before 8pm Monday 5th May 2014.


Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Healthy Inspirations

In amongst all the craziness of the last few days, I received a call - 
"Can you please fit us in this week?" 
"Absolutely" I said "Can you come Wednesday?" 

So this afternoon, I caught up with the team from Healthy Inspirations to take some photographs for brochures and head shots. It was fantastic to work with a team of people that knew what they were after! And it was even better to see you again after probably nearly two years Jamie! 

Great photographic shoot. Great to work with the graphic designer that creates their material! 

I am one very happy little chickadee :)