Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Parents and their kids

Photos of parents and their kiddies are really special. Too often we, as parents are hiding behind the camera - and therefore don't exist in family photos. Erin and Chris are lovely, and you can see that the kids are in awe of their parents. Beautiful. 

Thank you for sharing your family with me :)

xxx Kate

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Big weekend of Photographic events

Another big week here at Kate Green Photography!
My gym trainer looked at me this morning and said - you need more rest...
I just laughed... you rest, you rust!
It's all good. :)

This weekend started very early at the Goodlife gym in Ipswich for the 12 week challenge photos. The start photos make most people very nervous (me included)!  4 Hours at the gym taking photos. It is amazing though, to be a part of people's journey. It is humbling to be able to catch the start of the journey for many people. Just by talking with them as we take photos, a small glimpse of their life is shown to me. This is very special, and something that I don't take lightly.

Saturday morning also held a lot of laughs as we froze a moment in time for a lovely family. Even if Dad was a bit anxious about having his photo taken, I wouldn't have known. We relaxed together, and took some great shots that will be treasured memories forever.
I love taking photos of families, and seeing the interaction between the members. Sisters can be a great distraction tool for younger siblings! lol. Well done girls! I love how you look after each other and your little brother.

Lunch time Saturday I headed to Brisbane to help run a photography conference. The "Connections" weekend was run by the PPAQ  (Professional Photographers Association Queensland), of which I am Vice President.  We had so many valuable speakers share with us their trades and knowledge of photography and products. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us! Gary from Industry-Partnership, Michelle from The Polished Pixel, Darren Jew, Damian Caniglia, Mark from Inkjet Labs, Nick Lagos, Krystal Wozniak, David Watson. I think I said everyone.... such a blur of information and friendship. The connection between everyone was great. Andrew, you are a great leader, and I am very proud of the way in which you stood up and pulled this all together. Thank you.

Sunday, while I was at the conference, my wonderful husband ran a stall at a wedding expo for me. I am so grateful for his willingness (and patience) for this little business. Some lovely  couples at the expo. I look forward to meeting you in person!

So now, I sit... sit and write about the craziness of the weekend that was! (Are you exhausted yet?)

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

New baby goodness

I love the hope and joy a new baby brings to the world. Getting your newborn baby photos taken nice and early is a perfect way to capture the memories of your little one. Newborn baby photos are best taken before your new little cherub is 2 weeks old. They can absolutely be done after that, but for the tiny squishy ones that will make your heart just melt, it is best to do quite young so baby sleeps and is settled. 
I love photographing the tiny rolls, the tiny toes and fingers.... 

These tiny pair of toes belong to Master D, just 7 days young. He was a joy to work with !!

Each new baby is  little miracle, and I feel an absolute honour to be asked to capture this cherished moment in time.