Sunday, 30 November 2014

4KQ Calendar Shenanigans

Waking up early and heading to Brisbane with my car full of gear I was so very excited and honoured to be asked to photograph the 4KQ Calendar for 2015!

We got to the studio, and set up the green screen and lights ready for the team from 4KQ to arrive. Oh my goodness I was so nervous! These guy are the big league. Laurel, Mark and Gary, Shaun and the team are a great company to work with.

As we had already written a start board and a plan of attack for the day, the whole session ran smoothly with a lot of laughs and lollies ;)

We photographed some (very) yummy strawberry ice-cream from the ekka. wow. yummo - we may ave just had to eat some to check it was ok.

Have a look and see if you can see the characters we photographed (and I even managed to be in the clip :) !)

I am really happy that I am now able to show you some of the behind the scenes craziness that has been going on here.