Thursday, 13 June 2013

Bridal Bling

Have you seen the beautiful bridal goodies created by Bridal Bling?

Bridal Bling creates the gorgeous 'must have' accessories for today's discerning bride.
The personalised coat hangers are perfect to give your photos that extra edge, and the will last for years to come, always as a reminder of your special day. As you reach out and touch your personalised hanger, memories and emotions will come flooding back to you.

Your personalised 'Mrs' garter is sure to get a mention. How special would it be to have your new name or "forever yours" on your garter! You could even keep it a secret from your groom to be, and see his reaction when he removes it later on in the night :D

Personalize your wedding, your way. 
There are so many fabulous ways that Kelly and her team can make your wedding 
stand out from the crowd. 

Check out the website for details on how to order

or hop on over to facebook for the up to date news

Tiny new baby goodness

Watching a new baby sleep is just.... sigh..... content.
Taking photos of your new baby is a priceless gift. It is amazing to see how much they grow and develop over the next few months and years. Baby photos can take a while as we run on their schedule. If they need to have a drink or nappy change (s!), or just have cuddles, we go with the flow.  Your newborn baby is only so little for such a short time, and will always be precious! A lot of the time photos that you see of babies are actually a couple of photos spliced together. It is photoshop magic! Your baby needs to be held, and kept safe at all times. Please, please, please make sure that you get a professional with experience to look after your baby, if you feel uncomfortable at any stage with what your photographer is doing, you must must must speak up. It is your baby, and they are more special than any image that someone may be trying to copy.

Meet my new friend Mr C. Isn't he divine!

Mr J is a special little man, as he is also my nephew...

Now we have another Mr J. I have had the privilege of photographing and watching this
little family grow.

Beautiful weddings

So many exciting, and beautiful weddings to blog this week.
It is really great to be able to see so many weddings, and see the millions of emotions that flow during the day. After all, it is the emotions and people you remember, long after the special shade of blue napkins fade into the background. 

Meet Sophie and Jason.  Sophie and Jason's wedding was held on a particularly scorching day. 
We had a lot of laughs as we captured their special memories.

Our next beautiful couple is Raylene and Jose. 
They chose the stunning Emporium Hotel in the Valley to get ready, and also for their reception. Such a lovely hotel.

Set in the beautiful Woodlands of Marburg, without a doubt Katie and Keegan's wedding was destined to be fantastic! It is amazing to see the emotions of couples as they make their commitment together. 

Kelly and Josh's wedding was a perfect day to have some creative fun! I love when we have the space and freedom to capture the style of the couple. 

We started Casey and Chris' wedding preparations at their lovely home. And even got to take a couple of photos with their puppy - who is sooo cute! Using my second photographer to photograph the groom getting ready, takes the memories we capture to a new level. 

It is really a pleasure and a privilege that you let me and my team into your lives as we strive to help you create memories and celebrate life.