Friday, 29 June 2012

Wedding fun

It was fantastic to have the opourtunity to photograph the wedding of Jim and Leith last weekend!
Such a relaxed couple who just went with the flow of the day. Brilliant.

We started the day at Leith's house catching some family photos and getting ready for the big day ahead.

It was only a short drive out to the lovely Woodlands of Marburg.

Meeting the boys, and having a few laughs while we wait for the girls to arrive is always a time for the groom to take a breather :)

But the moment he sees her for the first time walking down the isle is priceless. Sheer adoration.

Pastor John is a great pastor. The service was entertaining and I am sure will be full of memories for Leith and Jim for years to come.

Woodlands of Marburg makes a beautiful backdrop for photographs. And it completely fit with the theme of their wedding! Complementing each other so well.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Smashing good time!

Ha Ha. What a mess!

Master Cooper had a great time at his "Cake Smash" photoshoot. I think he was a bit unsure at first... looking like' are you serious, can I do that? Really? Are you sure?" Such a cutie! Mum Ali created an awesome cake, and even bought along his own special #1 candle. Great Job.

Before we got messy and sugary, we took some lovely family photos that will be cherished for ever. It is always satisfying as a professional photographer to share important moments in clients and friends lives. I was lucky enough to take their maternity, newborn, and now 1st year photographs.

Monday, 4 June 2012

B Indulged

What an amazing transformation! If you need anything beautifying done, you must go and see Jess and the girls at B Indulged on Blackstone Rd, Ipswich.

I was lucky enough to definitely B Indulged. The girls treated me to such a relaxing day. Hair/ makeup/ lashes ... feeling very special and indulged!

The girls had a lovely opening night. Mr Paul Pisale, the Mayor of Ipswich was there to cut the ribbon. Such a great night was had by all who attended.

A great idea for your event is to have someone who has your schedule of events, and knows how you would like everything to run. To be in charge of making sure glasses are full, dignitaries are looked after, and a general 'go to' person for the night. This will free you up to relax and enjoy your hard work. After all, it is your party.

Another way to reduce your stress for the event is to have it professionally catered. A great new company is Baillie's Catering. His food was DIVINE ! Give Chris a call on 0411 600 428. He will exceed your expectations.

Tiny Baby

I had the privilege of photographing a beautiful baby girl a couple of weeks ago. Miss Katelyn is so tiny and cute. She was really special to photograph as she is the baby of a lovely young lady who has blossomed!

When we photograph babies/ newborns it is so very important to be vigilant in their safety. Too often people starting out in photography get excited and neglect to make sure that the precious life they are handling is safe. A lot of professional images you see are a combination of several photos. These are called composite images.

Newborn photography can take a while to shoot. When you book your baby photoshoot, please allow a few hours. Baby will need to be fed, changed, burped, settled...  Occasionally baby will sleep the entire process (which is like magic) we can take so many beautiful photos while they are asleep.

The best age for a newborn photograph is up to 2 weeks old. They are still so pliable and sleepy in the first couple of weeks! We can absolutely photography older babies, but they do take longer to settle as they are more alert and don't want to miss out on the action :D

Here is just a couple of special photographs from our day with miss K